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venom_lily1. Name (as shown on birth certificate):Laura Kym Halse
2. D.O.B (no lies.): 25th March 1986
3. Where were you born?: St Georges Hospital, Kew, Melbourne
4. Where do you currently reside?: Templestowe, Melbourne
5. Born late, early, or just in time?: 6.43pm
6. In what order were you born?: I'm the oldest

Ok, so we've got the background. Let's learn a little more about YOU.

7. Hair/Eye Color: Hair is dark, dark brown, eyes are blue
8. Are you happy with yourself in these aspects?: yeah..
9. What would you change about each? i'd like longer hair, and bluer eyes.
10. Anything you are physically ashamed of?: my stomach?
11. Any piercings/ink?: 9 piercings, no tattoos..
12. If so, are you satisified or do you want more?: for the moment..
13. Do you pamper yourself occassionally?: yeah i enjoy it
14. If so, how?: mud masks, baths..i love it all
15. Do you have glasses/contacts? yeah, i wear glasses
16. Do you have freckles?: a few..
17. What's your build (truthfully)?: large.
18. What kind of deoderant do you use?: whatever is around...
19. What about shampoo?: fructis
20. What does your hair look like right now?: natural, curly..wirey :(
21. What about on a normal basis?: straight
22. Last chance to add anything on the physical appearance I have forgotten: uhh....i dunno

Let's get to know the REAL you. You know, the stuff on the inside. ARE YOU:

23. Serious/Light-hearted?: bit of both depending on the situation
24. Dry/Out there - sense of humor?: out there - always taking things one step too far...
25. Selfish/Selfless?: both, most of the time
26. Academic/Athletic?: Academic
27. Trusting/TrustWORTHY?: both
28. Happy on the inside AND outside?: both at the moment
29. Easy/Hard to talk to?: easy i'd hope
30. able to open up to others easily?: pretty much
31. Stressed out at times?: haha yesh
32. Heartbroken?: yeah i have been, but not anymore.
33. Honest with yourself?: yeah..
34. A heartbreaker?: never.
35. In love?: nope..
36. loved?: by some..
37. Smart?: yep
38. Open to suggestions?: of course..
39. Open to change?: always
40. Religious?: nope
41. A good friend?: i'd like to think so..

Hey, speaking of "good friends." Let's explore that, shall we?

42. Would you rather have 100 acquaintance "friends" or a few CLOSE friends, only ?: close friends...
. If you chose acquaintance friendships, Why: i didn't
What makes the "no strings" style better?: umm depends on the commitment, freedom...
45. Do you like to party in large groups?: sometimes..
46. Name some people you would vacation with: kerryn, amber, nicole
47. Where would you go?: norway
48. Are there people you trust more than others?: yep
49. If you chose a few CLOSE friends,Why?: because my close friends mean the world to me
50. Ramble off 5 names or less. Nicole, Amber, Hayley, Caitlin, Kerryn

Now, on to music choices, yeah?

51. Band/artist: Killswitch Engage
52. Best Song: The Element of One
53. Another Band/artist: Parkway Drive
54. Best Song: Its hard to speak without a tongue
55. Another?: Pink
56. Best Song: U & Ur Hand
57. Come on, one more: Hatebreed
58. and, the song?: Live For This
59. Is there a station that you like the best?: not really..
60. What music do you HATE?: Country.
61. Is there a song for every emotion?: yeah
62. Which are you feeling right now?: content
63. What's your FAVORITE all time song (as of now) ?: ummm...Freedom - John Farnham


64. Status?: content, we shall say that.
65. Like it?: love it
66. Last relationship length:: 11 months
67. Longest relationship: 11 months
68. Shortest relationship: 11 days hahahaha..complicated....
69. Best memory: lots..
70. Worst memory: steve.
71. Do you have a crush right now?: yep
72. Names, please.: haha nah
73. First kiss: Dug
74. Virgin?: nope.
75. Best relationship advice ever received: "your heart will catch up with your head in the end"
76. Best relationship quote ever heard: see above.
77. Are you, or have you ever BEEN in love?: yes
78. What IS love, exactly?: love.
79. Do you want to fall in love?: eventually, but i am happy where i am now
80. Marriage and kids someday?: maybe one day
81. Have you met "the one" ?: i think so...
82. Do you BELIEVE in "the one" ?: of course..

RANDOMosity, basically.
Do you ...

83. drink?: sometimes
84. party?: Not really anymore.
85. smoke?: yep
86. drugs?: occasionally
87. tell secrets?: only if they are mine
88. like to sing?: loooove it
89. dye your hair?: of course..
90. drive?: yeah
91. listen to music while you do homework?: no
92. DO your homework?: not as much as i should
93. make good grades?: yeah most of the time
94. have pets?: used to..
95. like to read?: love love love love it


96. skinnydipped?: yeah
97. fallen from a great height?: nah
98. broken a bone?: yessss
99. had a major surgery?: noooo
100. kissed a total stranger?: nope..
101.Skydived?: nope
102.Bungee jumped?: No.
103. lost someone you loved?: yeah
104. made new friends?: of course..
105. lost old friends?: a few
106. written a song?: Yeah
107. prayed?: Yep.
108. slept under the stars?: yeah
109. tanned in a bed?: yes
110. been deep sea fishing?: yeah it was awesome
111. loved someone so much it made you cry?: uhuh
112. made a mistake that you regretted?: yeah
113. learned from a mistake?: all the time.
114. said something you wanted to take back?: yeah
115. wished you could go back in time?: yeah

Just to clear some things up ... and finish this off:

116. Right/Left Handed: right
117. What side of the bed do you sleep on?: the right
118. Last person you slept with?: lets not name him shall we..
119. Last person you hugged?: umm..mum?
120. Last person you called?: dad
121. Last person you kissed?: same as 117...but for reasons some may know...we're not naming him..
122. Last person who called YOU?: some guy at work
123. Last person you texted?: marianne from work
124. Last person who texted YOU?: adam
125. Last IM? meh?
126. Last thing you thought?: The answer to the last question.
127. Last thing you said aloud?: "i dont really give a shit" hahaha
128. What was the last thing you wanted to say .. but didnt?: nothing..i pretty much speak my mind..
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And somehow I forgot you were born just around the corner from me.. how random!!!
hey hey
someone stole my phone and wallet :(
i was wondering if you could send through to me your contact details, since i now have none.
are you coming to my birthday on the second? retro on brunswick street from four rill eight, and then somewhere else afterwards. I would love to see you there,