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[x] name: Jordan
[x] birthday: 31 October.
[x] piercings: four.
[x] tattoos: none yet.
[x] height: 5'4"
[x] shoe size: 10
[x] hair color: blonde.
[x] length: somewhat long.
|x| Three worst qualities: over-analytical, lazy and spaz.
|x| Two things you are often complimented for: my eyes my personality.


[x] current clothes: an air force shirt, yoga pants, sweater
[x] current mood: pretty good.
[x] current taste: macaroni.
[x] current annoyance: boredom.
[x] current smell: nothing
[x] current thing you ought to be doing: sleeping.
[x] current desktop picture: something my brother posted.
[x] current favorite group: meh, Nickelback
[x] current book: Philosophy of the Stones.
[x] current refreshment: nothing.
[x] current worry: if I like Jim or not.
[x] current crush: Jim?
[x] current favorite celebrity: Hugh Laurie.

Random Questions...

[x] who likes you: I make enemies easily
[x] what annoys you: people, Jim
[x] what do you want to do: sleep.
[x] who is the person(s) you (almost) never get sick of: Melissa and the fact we go everywhere blasting Yeah
[x] who is one person you would marry tomorrow: no one
[x] do you sleep on your back, stomach or side?: depends
[x] what would you take if you were stuck on a deserted island?: sunscreen, a book, my cell phone :) and a guitar
[x] who would you take to that island if you had to take anyone, dead or alive?: hmm...Melissa and Jim
[x] do you like water?: yeah
[x] if your house was on fire and you could only save a couple things, what would you save?: dog, my guitar, and phone
[x] have you ever said `i love you` and not meant it?: yes,
[x] what time is it?: 9:00 AM
[x] what time did you wake up this morning?: ten minutes ago..
[x] who would you trade places with for a day?: ha, bring it on, anyone of my friends.
[x] have you ever been told you look like a celebrity?: nope
[x] finish this sentence. "i wouldn't be caught dead.. ": camping.
[x] do you regret any of your past relationships?: nope.
[x] shampoo do you use: i dunno
[x] perfume do you use: lotion, no perfume, seacret
[x] shoes do you wear: converse, flats, running shoes
[x] are you scared of: white cars
[x] funniest thing you did recently: with my friend Melissa, drove up behind Jim's car, blasted the music, and drove off..

Last time you have...

[x] cried: i dunno.
[x] bought something: wednesday
[x] gotten sick: a month
[x] eaten: last night
[x] been kissed: haven't.
[x] felt stupid: recently XD.
[x] wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't: nope.
[x] talked to an ex: never.
[x] talked to someone you have a crush on: wednesday?
[x] had a serious talk: wednesday at lunch
[x] missed someone: always.
[x] hugged someone: wednesday

Social Life...

[x] boyfriend: none.
[x] girlfriend: none.
[x] interests: music, film, photography, reading, writing, playing guitar, (running), singing, signing.
[x] pager: no
[x] are you center of attention or a wall flower: wall flower
[x] what type of automobile do you drive: i have an 86 restored mustang, that sits idle in my front lawn, i can't drive it.
[x] would you rather be with friends or on a date: friends.
[x] do you have a job: no.
[x] do you attend church: no.
[x] do you like being around people: not really.
[x] who is your role model: i don't really have one. the one i thought i had turned out to be a total ass
[x] have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: who hasn't?
[x] have you ever cried over the opposite sex: yes.
[x] have you ever lied to your best friend: yes.
[x] rather have a relationship or a "hookup": relationship but not now
[x] want someone you don't have right now: i guess so.
[x] ever liked your best girl friend: no
[x] do you want to get married: no
[x] do you want kids: no.
[x] what is your favorite part of your physical appearance: my eyes.
[x] what is your favorite part of your emotional being: i'm very in tuned with myself and with others and their emotions
[x] are you happy with yourself: no, not really.
[x] are you happy with your life: not really
[x] if you could change something in your life right now, what would it be: do better in school.
|x| A compliment you got that made you blush: "you have really pretty eyes"
|x| You get embarrassed when: i did something stupid or i'm shot down for an opinion i have
|x| What makes you happy: lots of things
|x| Upsets you: lots of things.


[x] person you've called: umm my mother
[x] person who's called you: Melissa
[x] time you have a girlfriend: never
[x] time you wish you could live somewhere else: two weeks ago
[x] Do you believe in on line dating: no, i don't.
[x] Do others find you attractive: no
[x] you want more piercings: no
[x] you want more tattoos: no
[x] you do drugs: no
[x] you like cleaning: no
[x] you like roller coasters: yeah.
[x] you write in cursive or print: print and cursive, depends on if i'm in a hurry or not.
[x] you carry a donor card: no,
[x] TV show you've watched: scrubs.
[x] Person you were thinking of: Jim and his ass=ness.
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